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WHO Recommends Two Medicines For The Best Treatment Of COVID 19

WHO Recommends Two Medicines to treatment of COVID 19 patients on Thursday, 1 for patients with serious disease as well as for non-serious instances.

Two Medicines Or Drug For The Treatment of COVID 19

  1. Baricitinib for Serious cases
  2. Sotrovimab “Monoclonal antibody drug” For Mild or Non Serious cases

Baricitinib, the 1st medicine, is a Janus kinase (JAK) inhibitor, which is a type of drug or Medicines used to treat autoimmune diseases, blood as well as bone marrow malignancies, and rheumatoid arthritis.

It is “highly advised” in combined with corticosteroids for patients with serious or critical illness, as per the WHO Guideline Development Group.

The worldwide experts’ suggestion was based on “moderate certainty data” that it increases survival as well as minimises the requirement for ventilation.

There was no evidence of an increase in negative effects.

It has a similar impact as other arthritis medications known as interleukin-6 (IL-6) inhibitors, according to doctors. As a result, they recommend choosing the optimal option based on cost, availability, as well as clinical experience when both medications are accessible.

WHO Recommends Two Medicines For The Treatment Of Corona, Patients Will Get Immediate Relief

It is not advised to use both medications at the same time.

2 other JAK inhibitors (ruxolitinib and tofacitinib) are likewise not recommended for patients with serious or critical COVID infection, according to the experts.

Trials including these medicines, they claim, have failed to show any advantages from either therapy, and tofacitinib may have a higher risk of major adverse effects.

Non-Serious Cases

In the same update, WHO issues a conditional suggestion for using sotrovimab, a monoclonal antibody, in non-severe cases.

As per them, the medicine should only be given to individuals who are at the greatest danger of being admitted to the hospital. It only provided “trivial benefits” to individuals at reduced risk.

A similar suggestion was made earlier for casirivimab-imdevimab, another monoclonal antibody medicines, and specialists claim there is insufficient information to suggest one over the other.
Omicron varieties, for example, are still unknown.

When further information becomes available, the organisation will update their monoclonal antibody instructions.

Treatment of COVID 19

Suggestions Or Recommended

These suggestions are based on fresh information from seven trials that included almost 4,000 patients with non-severe, severe, and critical infections.

The guidelines, which were developed by WHO with methodological assistance from the MAGIC Evidence Ecosystem Foundation, give reliable guidance and assist doctors in making better decisions with their patients.

The recommendations are beneficial in fast-moving research domains, as per the agency, as they help the researcher to update proof descriptions as new data arrives.

The new guidance also includes conditional suggestions for using casirivimab-imdevimab (additional monoclonal antibody medication) in selected patients, as well as suggestions against use of convalescent plasma, ivermectin, as well as hydroxychloroquine, despite of disease seriousness.

Sotrovimab is using in September 2021 as an alternative to casirivimab-imdevimab. The efficiency of monoclonal antibodies against Omicron is still being studied, although early laboratory investigations reveal that sotrovimab retains its activity.

The experts who developed the guidelines also looked at ruxolitinib & tofacitinib, two other medicines for severe and serious COVID-19. WHO issued a conditional recommendation against their usage due to their unknown consequences.

WHO is in discussions with manufacturers to ensure global supply capacity as well as equitable and long-term access to the new treatments. The Therapeutics pillar of the Access to COVID-19 Tools Accelerator (ACT-A) has been working with pharmaceutical firms to develop complete access strategies for low- and middle-income countries, so that these medicines may be quickly deployed globally, not just in wealthy nations. In order to make the products more cheap, the ACT-A is aiming to increase the licencing scope.

Treatment of COVID 19


Baricitinib and sotrovimab, two newly recommended medicines, have been invited for WHO Prequalification that evaluates the quality, efficiency, as well as safety of priority health items in order to expand access in low-income countries.

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People May Ask

Q- WHO recommended Medicine ?

A- WHO recommends two Medicines.

Q- Name Of Newly Recommended Medicines.

A- Baricitinib and sotrovimab

Q- In Which Cases Baricitinib Drug Use?

A- In Serious Cases

Q- In Which Cases Baricitinib Drug Use?

A- In Mild Or Non Serious cases

Q- Two Other Medicines Name For Severe And Serious COVID-19.

A- Ruxolitinib & Tofacitinib, WHO issued a conditional recommendation against their usage due to their unknown consequences.

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