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Newborn in Winter: Ayurvedic Tips for Better Health

Ayurvedic Tips for Better Health of Your Newborn in Winter

Ayurveda, like many other traditional and familial models, has extraordinary insight to draw from for healing the mother during and after pregnancy. During pregnancy, one frequently feels supported by your care providers, loved ones such as family and friends.

However, the focus is frequently shifted to the new child after that. It is critical because the new child is completely reliant on care-taker for their well-being.

Upward Oil massage

It takes about 15 days for the umbilical cord to dry and fall off naturally. This is also the time to begin massaging the baby. Massage the baby with ashwagandha, shalparni, castor plant root, castor oil, sesame oil, goat milk, and turmeric, according to Ayurveda.

After ashwagandha or shalparni has been processed in sesame or mustard oil, apply it to the baby and massage in the reverse or upward direction. In Panchakarma therapy, this technique is known as Udvartana.

​In sanskrit the word Udvartana means to move something in an upward direction. Udvartana is a stimulating full body massage done in a rhythmic motion.

Use Of Silver And Gold In Ayurvedic Baby Care

According to Ayurveda, silver and gold are extremely beneficial to babies and, indeed, everyone. Silver is to be worn on the baby’s person under the waist region (and not above). Because it is minutely absorbed through the skin, the presence of this metal is said to improve brain development and eye sight.

Furthermore, if the baby is fed with a silver spoon or bowl (once weaned), the food is enhanced with very small amounts of silver, which amplifies the effect even more.

Ayurvedic Tips for Better Health of Your Newborn in Winter

Adults can also incorporate gold and silver samskara by eating from a silver plate with a small gold coin embedded in the center. As the food is ladled onto the silver and gold on the plate, the metals interact with it, transferring beneficial amounts in minute, controlled doses over time. It is ideal for the family, especially the mother, to eat from such a plate if it is possible.

Use of Vekhand/ Acorus calamus

According to Ayurveda, Acorus calamus is a valuable herb for nurturing a baby.This is why it is present in all baby’s ayurvedic body-scrub (commonly known as ubtan), baby body-washes, baby hair oils, and baby massage oils. According to Ayurveda, Acorus calamus improves both intelligence and speech. As a result, these are advised to be used on a regular basis for the baby.

It is also an excellent herb for eyesight. It dispels fear and repels negative energy.

Fumigating Baby’s Room

Another lesser-known tip for providing the best environment for the baby is to fumigate the baby room with Ayurvedic resins, leaves, and roots, which counteract negative energies and impart positivity in the baby’s immediate environment.

Medicinal fumigation is one of the ayurvedic baby care practices recommended in Ayurveda to cleanse the air and space around the infant and mother. Certain herbs are better suited to the medium of smoke, allowing people to better absorb their properties while performing medicinal fumigation.

To fumigate a baby’s room and clothes, herbs such as Brahmi, Heeng, Gugulu, and Jatamansi can be used. This also aids in the elimination of germs, roaming in the air.

Sound Based Auric Cleaning(Soft Words, Positive Music, And Gentle Action)

Although the baby does not yet have a developed faculty of speech and is unable to communicate, he or she experiences fear and anxiety in the same way as adults do. It is necessary to speak softly to the baby. Make sure not to jerk the baby awake while he is sleeping or to be too loud while sitting near him.

Furthermore, the familiar playful gesture of tossing a baby in the air can sometimes cause fear in the baby’s mind, so it should be avoided. Play soothing Carnatic music or sing lullabies to the baby until he or she is one year old, and never leave the baby alone. Harsh and obnoxious language should be avoided in front of the baby, instead use a soothing, gentle tone of voice. This instils confidence and happiness in the baby.

Ayurvedic Tips for Better Health of Your Newborn in Winter

Physical And Spiritual Cleansing Of The Nursery

Ayurvedic baby care practices that purify the aura and repel negative energies

The Acharyas advise cleansing on three levels: earth, air, and space, using a combination of herbs, water, and sounds.

Cleaning the nursery floors with a specific herb mixture is an important part of ayurvedic baby care practices. The Samhitas recommend using herb mixture that contains rakshoghna (insecticidal and antibacterial) herbs such as Nimba (Neem), Mangalya (herbs that contribute a positive aura such as Benzoin, Tulasi), and Vekhand.

​Keeping The Baby Indoors Until The Fourth Month

According to Ayurveda, the baby should be kept only in his room until he is four months old. This room’s access should be restricted.

Traditionally, the baby is bathed, dressed in new clothes, and brought out of the nursery on the day he completes his fourth month. The elders of the house bless the baby, and the baby is then taken to other rooms of the house.

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Exposure To The Moon And Sun

The sunlight and moonlight provide several health advantages that the baby requires during the first few months of life. The only exception to keeping the baby indoors until the fourth month is to take the baby outside in the early morning hours for a few minutes of sunbathing.This can sometimes be done while still in the room if there is a window that lets in the morning light. This is best done in the nursery or in a location where no one will disturb the baby or the mother. Similarly, moonlight is beneficial for the development of the baby’s nervous system as well as balancing the mother’s gynecological cycle.

Ayurvedic Tips for Better Health of Your Newborn in Winter


Ayurveda is an immense sea of knowledge that addresses various aspects of life. Ayurveda can help to improve life in a variety of ways. When it comes to a newborn baby, one can seek personalized advice from an Ayurvedic expert. According to Ayurveda, the baby should be kept in the nursery or baby room in a separate ward within the house, with limited access to the baby.

Rest, freshly prepared warm food, a loving atmosphere of serenity, and nurturing to strength in a positive, vigor building environment with an emphasis on the use of good sounds and air purification are all necessary for the mother and baby.

If a newborn baby has any medical issues, don’t hesitate to seek medical attention.

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