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Healthy Meals For Weight Loss: Easy Weeknight Dinner Recipes

Healthy Meals For Weight Loss- Trying to include a nutritious food into your daily routine is half the battle of weight loss. The busier you are during the week, the less time you have to prepare substantial dinners, which makes eating healthy meals for weight loss more difficult. Who wants to come home after a long day and prepare something that could require hours to prepare simply to be on the road to weight loss?

Healthy Meals For Weight Loss: Easy Weeknight Dinner Recipes

Chicken Burgers with Wild Blueberries

“Whereas most burgers aren’t helpful for losing body fat, these sweet and savory juicy burgers are the perfect delectable finish to a busy day.

Each burger contains 27 grams of filling protein to keep you satisfied for hours. The meal is only 150 calories when you include the balsamic glaze as well as lettuce wrap.

“They include the phytonutrient C3G, that raises adiponectin to increase weight loss and leptin to reduce appetite.

If you want to add even more fiber, antioxidants, and enjoyment to the meal, substitute the lettuce wrap with a whole wheat baguette and a heaping side of steaming vegetables. This dinner will not only satisfy you, but it will also help you lose weight.

Healthy Meals For Weight Loss


Lean ground chicken breast (we used 99% lean)1 lb.
Frozen wild blueberries1/4 cup
Crumbled feta cheese (regular, light, or fat free)¼ cup
Finely chopped red onion1/4 cup
Chopped fresh basil1 tablespoon
Ground black pepper1/4 teaspoon
SaltPinch of salt
Cooking spraySpray
Optionalwhole wheat hamburger buns, sliced red onion and tomato, lettuce, balsamic glaze

How to prepare

  1. In a medium mixing bowl, mix all burger patties components (ground chicken through salt). Mix gently with your hands until all of the ingredients are distributed uniformly, being carefully not to overmix.
  2. Divide the ingredients into four patties and shape each into a 3/4-inch thick disc.
  3. Over medium-high heat, heat a grill pan, sauté pan, or grill. Cooking spray should be used sparingly. Cook for 4-6 mins each side, temp is 165 degrees F.
  4. Serves in a lettuce wrap, on a burger bun, or just eat them straight up!

Avocado and Lentil Vegan Tacos

These vegan tacos are low-fat as well as low-carb. A low-fat, vegan diet promotes weight loss as well as improves body fat percentage. Because of their mix of blood-sugar stabilizing protein and fiber, the lentils, avocado, as well as corn tortillas in this lunch all help to prevent cravings.

“In addition, lentils are an excellent source of slow-digesting carbs that keep you full and satisfied for longer than some other foods, even lowering calorie consumption at your next weight loss recipe.”

“These tacos also have 14 grams of fiber in them, which is 2 grams more than the typical American consumes in a day! Fiber boosts fullness as well as slows digestion, which may help you eat less calories during the day.”

“In fact, lentils are a fantastic source of sluggish carbs that keep you feeling full as well as satisfied for longer than other foods, allowing you to eat fewer calories at your healthy dinner recipes to lose weight.” These tacos also include 14 grams of fiber in them, which is 2 grams more than the typical American consumes in a day! Fiber reduces digestion as well as improves fullness, which may help you eat healthy dinners for weight loss for less calories during the day.”


Olive oil 1 tablespoon
Ground cumin1 teaspoon
Chili powder1 teaspoon
Cayenne powder¼ teaspoon
Fresh ground black pepper to tasteTaste
Pre-cooked lentils2½ cups
Corn tortillas, ideally organic or Non-GMO8 whole grain
Large tomato1
OptionalWhole wheat hamburger buns, sliced red onion and tomato, lettuce, balsamic glaze

How to prepare

  1. In a large pan, heat the oil over medium low flame. When the oil is hot, whisk in the cumin, chilli powder, as well as cayenne until fragrant.
  2. Stir in the lentils as well as water. Cracked pepper to taste. Permit mix to simmer for many mins over low flame until heated completely.
  3. In the meantime, slice the avocado as well as tomato and arrange 2 tortillas on each of 4 plates.
  4. If using, season the lentil mixture with salt and toss it in. If you add it last, you’ll use less salt.
  5. Arrange about a quarter cup of lentils down the center of each tortilla. Toss with tomato as well as avocado before serving. Offer the tortalla in half, and enjoy!

Loaded Alfredo Pasta with Chicken and Vegetables

“While most people believe that pasta and Alfredo are off-limits while attempting to lose weight, this delightful version ditches the cream and adds blood-sugar-stabilizing whole wheat pasta, low-calorie, fiber-rich veggies, as well as satisfying protein.

Healthy Meals For Weight Loss;

Cremini mushrooms, which are high in antioxidants, have anti-inflammatory properties that aid to prevent obesity. Broccoli is high in fibre and low in calories, so it will keep you full for a long time.

“Most importantly, this meal addresses pasta cravings that can arise from feelings of deprivation after ignoring it, and which generally lead to complete surrender to the desires and complete abandonment of healthy eating and follow fat loss meal plan.


Unsalted butter2 tbsp
Flour3 tbsp
2% milk3 cups
GarlicChopped 2 cloves
Parmesan2 Tbsp
Salt and black pepperTaste
Olive oil1⁄2 tbsp
Bite-size broccoli florets2 cups
8 oz cremini mushroomsSliced
Sun-dried tomatoes1⁄4 cup chopped
Cooked chicken breast8 oz thinly sliced
Whole-wheat fettuccine12 oz

How to prepare

  1. Melt butter in a pan over medium flame to produce the béchamel.
  2. Add the flour and whisk to combine. 1 minute of cooking Gradually mix in the milk to avoid any lumps. Stir in the garlic and cook, mixing often, for 10 to 15 mins, or until the sauce has thickened beautifully.
  3. Season with salt and pepper after adding the Parmesan. Keep yourself warm.
    In a large skillet or pan, heat oil over medium flame.
    Cook for 3 to 4 mins after adding the broccoli. Toss in the tomatoes as well as mushrooms.
  4. 5 min cooking, or until the veggies have caramelized somewhat.
    Add the chicken and mix well. Salt & pepper to taste.
  5. In the meantime, prepare the pasta as per the package directions.
  6. Drain 1 cup of the boiled water and set aside. Return the noodles to the pot and combine with the sauce and chicken combination to coat.
  7. If the sauce is excessively thick, dilute it with some of the pasta water. Serve right away.

Sheet Pan Salmon with Roasted Veggies

Throughout stressful weeks, one-pan meals are a terrific go-to, and this meal is both easy as well as nutritious.

“Just place it all on a sheet pan, roast it, and you’ve got yourself a low-calorie, filling perfect dinner for weight loss.”

This meal provides approximately 30 grammes of satisfying protein and 8 grammes of full fibre in just 300 calories. Slow-digesting brown rice offers to satisfy carb cravings, so you won’t have to get an energy “pick-me-up” or sugar an hour later.

Increasing your vegetable consumption leads to weight loss and appetite reduction, and this meal is both veggie and fiber-rich.

They also recommend that you eat a lot of lemon since its polyphenols may assist to avoid obesity by suppressing body fat buildup.


Bag shredded broccoli &/or cabbage slaw or 8-oz bag Kale Beet Blend8-oz
olive oil1 teaspoon  
Garlic2 cloves garlic, crushed or minced
salmon fillets2 4-oz
lemonJuice of half a lemon
salt and pepperDash of salt and pepper

How to prepare

  1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Using foil, line a sheet pan.
  2. Pour the olive oil and garlic over the vegetables on the sheet pan. Toss to coated, then spread out into a single layer, leaving two holes for the salmon fillets to go through.
  3. Squeeze the lime juice so over salmon fillets as well as place it on the sheet pan.
  4. Sprinkle a pinch of salt as well as pepper over the entire pan, and bake for 12 mins, or until the fish is cooked throughout.
  5. Served with brown rice on the side.

Chinese Sesame Tofu and Broccoli Recipe

Not only will you be able to prepare this Chinese stir-fry meal faster than you could order Chinese take-out, but it will also be lighter than typical Chinese take-out.

“This meal won’t leave you hungry and rummaging the cabinet for a snack an hour later since it’s packed with the mix up of 18 grams of protein and 6 grammes of fibre for ultimate pleasure.”

Furthermore, the soy isoflavones included in tofu may aid in body fat reduction. The sulforaphane in broccoli may aid weight loss.


Sesame oil2 teaspoon
Broccoli florets6 cups fresh or frozen
Garlic4 cloves garlic, minced
Salmon fillets2 4-oz
LemonJuice of half a lemon
Salt and pepperDash of salt and pepper
Block firm tofu12-oz block firm tofu, cubed
Low sodium soy sauce2 tablespoons
Rice vinegar3 tablespoons
Sesame seeds3 tablespoons
OptionalDash of red pepper flakes (optional)  

How to Prepare-

  • Add a splash of water to the broccoli florets in a microwave-safe bowl. Cover as well as microwave for 2-3 minutes, or until nearly cooked through (this saves time in the pan and may be done ahead of time).
  • Cook the sesame oil in a pan or wok over high flame. Toss in the broccoli and tofu pieces.
  • Cook the garlic, broccoli, as well as tofu for about 5 minutes, turning or tossing regularly.
  • Lower the heat as well as add the sesame seeds, soy sauce, as well as rice vinegar. Add a pinch of red pepper flakes if you like stuff spicy. Toss to combine all of the ingredients, then served over rice.

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The opinions presented in this article should not be regarded as a replacement for medical advice. For more information, please contact your treating physician.

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