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8 Types Of Juices For Winter: That Will Increase Immunity And Keep You Healthy

Here we are going to discuss about some juices for winter. Ones immune system is always working to determine which cells are part of the body and which are not. This means it need a balanced diet of vitamins and minerals to maintain its energy levels.

The recipes below are high in necessary nutrients for everyday health as well as battling infections like the cold or flu.

Learn which immunity-boosting elements each juice, smoothie, or seed milk has so one can start their mornings off right.

8 Types Of Juices For Winter

1-Orange, Grapefruit, And Other Citrus (Juices For Winter)

This citrus burst provides more than enough vitamin C to meet their daily requirements. Vitamin C has antioxidant capabilities, which help to protect healthy cells from harmful toxins.

A vitamin C deficit can cause delayed wound healing, a weakened immune system, and an inability to fight infections effectively.

Notable Nutrients (In One Serving)

Potassium Oranges
Vitamin A Oranges and Grapefruit
Vitamin B 6 Oranges
Vitamin B 9 ( Folate)Oranges
Vitamin C All citrus fruit
8 Types Of Juices For Winter: That Will Increase Immunity And Keep You Healthy

2-Green Apple, Carrot, And Orange (Juices For Winter)

Carrots, apples, and oranges are a great mix for helping the body fight illnesses and defend itself.

Vitamin C is found in apples and oranges.

Notable Nutrients (In One Serving)

Vitamin ACarrots
Vitamin B 6Carrots
Vitamin B 9(Folate)Oranges
Vitamin COranges and Apple

3-Beet, Carrot, Ginger, And Apple (Juices For Winter)

Three root vegetables are combined in this strengthening drink to boost ones immune system and reduce inflammatory symptoms.

Inflammation is frequently an immunological reaction to viral or bacterial infections. A runny nose, coughing, and body pains are all common cold or flu symptoms.

Notable Nutrients (In One Serving)

PotassiumCarrots, Beets and Apple
Vitamin ACarrots and Beets
Vitamin B 6Carrots
Vitamin B 9(Folate)Beets
Vitamin CApple

4-Tomato (Juices For Winter)

Vitamin B-9, often known as folate, is abundant in tomatoes. It aids in the prevention of infections. Tomatoes also contain a little quantity of magnesium, which has anti-inflammatory properties.

Notable Nutrients (In One Serving)

Vitamin ATomatoes
Vitamin B 6Tomatoes
Vitamin B 9( Folate)Tomatoes
Vitamin CTomatoes
Vitamin KTomatoes and Celery
8 Types Of Juices For Winter: That Will Increase Immunity And Keep You Healthy

5-Kale, Tomato, And Celery (Juices For Winter)

Many green smoothies contain kale, but the Kale Mary — Tesco’s twist on a bloody Mary — is genuinely unique.

Instead of sweet fruits to mask the taste of kale, this dish uses tomato juice, which provides enough of vitamin A.

Notable Nutrients (In One Serving)

MagnesiumTomato Juice
PotassiumTomato juice
Vitamin AKale and Tomato juice
Vitamin B 6Tomato Juice
Vitamin B 9(Folate)Tomato juice
Vitamin CKale and Tomato juice
Vitamin KTomato juice

6-Strawberry And Kiwi (Juices For Winter)

Strawberries and kiwis are also nutritious additions to a vitamin C-rich beverage. Because it takes around 4 cups of strawberries to make 1 cup of juice, people might choose to prepare a smoothie instead of a juice with these fruits.

This Well Plated recipe, which uses skim milk, is one of the favorites. Milk is high in protein and vitamin D, both of which are hard to come by in beverages made only of fruits and vegetables.

Notable Nutrients (In One Serving)

CalciumSkim Milk
ManganeseStrawberries and Oats
PotassiumStrawberries, Bananas and Oats
Vitamin B 1 ( Thiamine)Oats
Vitamin B 6Banana
Vitamin B 9 ( Folate)Strawberries and Orange
Vitamin B 12Skim Milk
Vitamin CStrawberries, Kiwi and orange
Vitamin DSkim Milk
Vitamin KKiwi
ZincSkim Milk
8 Types Of Juices For Winter: That Will Increase Immunity And Keep You Healthy

7-Strawberry And Mango (Juices For Winter)

In this dish, frozen fruit is used, which has the same nutritional value as fresh fruit. If one have fresh fruits on hand, one can also use them altogether.

The extra antioxidant effects of the mango and almond milk, especially in older persons, help to boost the immune system.

Notable Nutrients (In One Serving)

CalciumAlmond Milk
Vitamin AMango and Carrot
Vitamin B 6Mango
Vitamin B 9 ( Folate)Strawberries and Mango
Vitamin CStrawberries, Mango and Orange
Vitamin DAlmond Milk
Vitamin EMango and Almond milk

8-Green Apple, Lettuce, And Kale (Juices For Winter)

Green juice made from vegetables is high in nutrients that support a healthy immune system.

Notable Nutrients (In One Serving)

Vitamin AKale and celery
Vitamin B 9(Folate)Celery
Vitamin CKale and lemon
Vitamin KCucumber and Celery


One of the tastier methods to remain healthy is to make juices, smoothies, and nutritional drinks. You may always add other superfoods like chia seeds and wheat germ for added health benefits, regardless of which one you prefer.

Practicing good hygiene, staying hydrated, resting well, decreasing stress, and exercising frequently are all other strategies to maintain your immune system strong.

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People May Ask

Can We Drink Juice In Winter?

This fruit, also known as sweet lime, is best taken as juice throughout the winter months. To get a powerful dose of health, combine mosambi, carrot, and beetroot juice. Fruit juices should not be strained because the important fibres may be lost.

Which Fruit Is Good In Winter Season?


Is Pomegranate Juice Good In Winter?

Pomegranate juice helps to boost the body’s immunity (Immunity). Vitamin C is abundant in this fruit. This protects us from colds, coughs, fevers, and other winter illnesses.

Which Fruit Juice Is Good For Cold And Cough?

Pineapple juice can assist to relieve cough and cold symptoms.

Can We Drink Mint Juice In Winter?

Green tea with peppermint can assist with colds, flus, and coughs. It contributes to the body’s ability to digest food. It is also quite beneficial for weight loss at the same time.


This is only for knowledge purpose. If you have any disease or allergy, you are advised to consult your doctor before trying any of these.

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